What It Takes for A Great Office Culture

What It Takes for A Great Office Culture

We all want to be working in a place where our assets are valued, the environment is cared for, the people are treated well, and the benefits are awesome. But that’s not it, there is more to what makes an amazing office culture than these broad outlines. You need to create a positive office culture and happy environment to make the employees more determined and devoted towards their work which means, they would not only be working their brains out but also enjoying it at the same time.

Today, it can’t be denied that you can easily search for jobs in Kuala Lumpur with companies that go all out investing a major part of their revenue just to keep their employees pleased and satisfied. Honestly, even if you do not have that much to spend, it does not mean that you can’t do the same thing. There are a few obvious things people look for in good company culture and of course, most people agree that mistreating workers, cheating, stealing are among the bad ones.

Even once all the fundamental parts are covered such as good bonuses, safe workspace, clear expectations, I think a great office culture also comes down to values and collaboration with the company as a whole. It’s about establishing and creating an environment where the workers feel positive, motivated and engaged, not only in what they’re doing.

Good culture is a major factor in how satisfied employees feel towards their jobs. As the employer, you can create this atmosphere for your team of employees. Your workers should feel excited to get back to work with their colleagues every day, they should be looking forward to going to their workplace. Great company culture does that, so here are some of what it takes to create one.

#1 Open communication

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Having an environment of open communication is a sign of great office culture. There will be no secrets, no hidden agenda, and the workers are all engaged together harmoniously. You always hear about employees working as a team about the task at hand and trying to help each other finding ways to solve them. This gives them the energy and motivation to think about various ways to get the work done.

A company with open communication usually always embraces new ideas that come from all different employees. They do not judge or sulk at a new idea you thrust at them, but instead, all the workers will even pitch in their thoughts, some would even suggest better ideas and making improvisation to make it perfect. In the end, it does not matter where the credits went to because they accomplished and get the work done together. That is what creates a positive environment in your office

Open communication also means, no gossiping. This still happens at any level and position, even in your workplace. It takes one person’s courage to come up to another person and talk about their dissatisfaction. Gossiping is never an act that can be tolerated in a workspace because so many complications can happen because of it. When open communication happens, they realize that they can just be honest about each other and trust them, but that does not mean that you can be rude about it!

#2 Share your goals and values

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For sure, every company has their own goals for their team that they would like to achieve in an allocated duration of time. It would be an immense amount of hard work if the employer is the only one who gets a clear set of those goals. It will be even harder to reach if they do not involve and brought along all the employers to work together as a whole. But by bringing the whole workers together, they get to set their goals and generate a set of values for everybody. After all, it is the company’s mission and vision that they are trying to bring to success.

The team can take themselves out for lunch in an effort to brainstorm and pitch in their ideas that can inspire success to the specific project. When they are getting together as such, all the workers can equally get a clearer objective and input about the projects and their tasks. They can understand and get a sense of how the things they’re working on fits into the company’s bigger picture. Share your views and goals. Answer questions and get your input. After that, listen to everybody’s feedback and thoughts about the project. Laid out ways on how you can get it done and you can even try to make suggestions to improvise them.

By doing this, without exception, all the workers will feel more inspired to do their tasks. Not only would they achieve the same clear goals and core values, but they also get to be together as a whole and share their minds to move their company to success.

#3 Develop enjoyable workspaces

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People do go to work every single weekday, some people probably even go on weekends. They spend almost half their day and a majority of their time a week at work, so it is not wrong to make work as a place that can give them a sense of happiness. A fun, easy workspace contributes to better productivity, creativity, mood and our overall well-being which is obviously some factors to look for in great office culture.

Make your workspace as a place where the workers can feel almost at home, but not comfortable enough where they get none of their works done. There is still a limit to everything. The company have to encourage their employees to be themselves and not hide behind their true personalities. Once in a while, they can create a little event like an annual sports tournament, perhaps celebrate every worker’s birthday if they are willing to go all out and about to make their employees feel appreciated. Even if they don’t, there are many other things that they can make which requires a lesser budget, such as setting up a quick board game in the meeting room or bring in your Playstation 4 and try to compete against each other but not to an extent where it could stir up arguments, obviously.

Creating enticing workspaces is a way to foster better collaboration with the employees within the office. A fun challenge can also stir up creativity among them. This is not only a way for them to be able to destress from their tiring works, but also create a more relaxed environment and bring the team together.

In a nutshell, most companies have their own rules and regulations that they abide by tightly. But it is never possible to make a little gateway for the employees to motivate themselves. After all, a motivated team of workers equals to a more productive team, which also means better revenues for the company, right? Do all that you can to get the most of your team so that they can have better daily work experience and create an office culture where everyone in the company believes in what they can do, as this is what mostly inspires them to do their best. Plus, things, like sharing your goals and set of core values with the whole team, does not even cost a single penny, it just further leads to establish a more thriving company.