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Khalid Contradicts Rafizi as PKR Crisis Worsens

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The bitter power struggles being fought within PKR and inside the PKR-led state government of Selangor are now spiralling out of control.

Selangor's Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim – already at war with Anwar's favourite partner-in-politics Azmin Ali – has now publicly contradicted Anwar's less-loved lieutenant, the hapless Rafizi Ramli.

Khalid confirmed that a difference of opinion had led to Rafizi leaving, despite Rafizi claiming there had been no political reason for his resignation, that he was just tired.. very tired.

Khalid still denied his government was in crisis, claiming that the ongoing conflicts between the PKR state administration and leaders from the party were somehow due to "normal" differences of opinion in politics.

"There is none (no crisis)...the most important thing is to do things openly.

"It is normal in politics to have a difference of opinion," Khalid told reporters, trying to put a lid on the controversy.

But the crisis has ballooned following Rafizi's resignation as chief executive of the Selangor Economic Adviser's Office, as well as the recent calls from within PKR for Khalid's political secretary Faekah Husin to leave her post.

The Selangor Menteri Besar tried to defuse the worsening crisis, saying that Pakatan Rakyat should focus instead on the next general election.

"Rafizi wants to focus on becoming a parliamentarian. He wants to act independently. If he is working for the Selangor economic adviser's office how can he act independently?" asked Khalid.

There has been speculation that Rafizi's resignation was the result of a rift with Khalid over a free education project in the state and also due to factionalism within the PKR leadership in Selangor.

Rafizi had held the his Selangor post since opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was appointed State Economic Advisor in 2009, but shocked the party on Thursday by writing on twitter that he had tendered his resignation.

Rafizi denied that there were political considerations behind his resignation. But strangely, he directed all inquiries about his resignation to either the Selangor government or Anwar himself.

Meanwhile, Khalid tried to defuse the scandal over his political secretary Faekah, claiming that her issuing a support letter for a relative was a "non-issue."

Faekah had allegedly written to a Selangor GLC (government-linked-company) director to recommend a law firm belonging to her relative for appointment on the GLC's legal panel.

The letter was reportedly issued on the letterhead of the Selangor Menteri Besar's office.

This was revealed this week by the anti-Faekah faction within PKR, which demanded she step down as Khalid's political secretary.

"It is not a recommendation letter. The issue of a support does not arise, even I am used to writing these letters," Khalid claimed, hoping the issue would just go away.

But with PKR fighting fires on all fronts, this issue will not get swept under the carpet.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Anwar – who has not even responded to his deputy Rafizi's resignation – is losing his grip on his own party. Inept leadership, cronyism, and nepotism – these are becoming the hallmarks of PKR.

With its internal feuds and poor track record in Selangor, the party is fast losing any credibility and support that may have remained after Anwar and Azmin's infamous hand gestures that sparked off the violence at Bersih 3.0.

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