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Najib: Democratic Reforms Taking Malaysia on the Right Path

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Najib-Razak-rlPrime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has spoken of the challenges facing the Government as he pushes the reforms, which are bringing Malaysia forward as a modern, developed and democratic nation.

From the repeals of the ISA and the Printing Presses and Publications Act to the repeals of the Sedition Act and the Banishment Act, during his tenure the Prime Minister has set out to slowly but determinedly revolutionise Malaysia.

Yet at the opening of the 2012 International Malaysia Law Conference, Najib acknowledged that despite the hard work, there would always be some who viewed the glass as half empty.

"To them I have this to say: walls are more easily crumbled than foundations raised. The painstaking effort of building strong and solid foundations that will stand the test of time, takes time," he explained.

"Just as Rome was not built in a day, the building of a just, equitable and democratic Malaysia cannot be achieved overnight."

Najib clearly saw the political landscape upended by GE12. It was his call to reform and transform Malaysia rather than simply trying the old formulae again.

Although such changes take time, the Prime Minister stressed that they were worth the wait.

"The journey is long and will continue, but the reforms will be irreversible, I promise you that."

Back in his very first address to Malaysia as Prime Minister, Najib made it clear that his time in office would be all about reform: in Government, in the private sector and the way the two worlds interacted with each other.

Today Najib can look back on a solid track record. He is a man who has delivered.

"We promised the Rakyat a more open, inclusive and dynamic democracy in Malaysia, and we annulled the three proclamations of emergency which lead to the expiry of Emergency Ordinances, an action which was unimaginable by many.

"We promised the Rakyat a more human rights friendly legal environment, and we repealed the three controversial laws namely the Internal Security Act 1971, Banishment Act 1959 and Restricted Residence Act 1933.

"We promised the Rakyat a better right to freedom of speech and expression, and we amended the Printing Presses and Publication Act 1984," he said.

"These are the few examples to corroborate when we said 'we walk the talk'. Judge me not by what I say, but by what I do," he said.

The key to Najib's success, and his high approval ratings, lies in what has become a mantra for him - moderation.

The Opposition is accusing him of either going too far or not far enough in his reforms. But Najib clearly believes that too-rapid reforms can be as dangerous as no reforms at all.

The decision for voters comes down to whether or not they have the patience and the desire to continue seeing the gradual, but compelling transformations that BN under Najib is bringing about.

Or whether their concern is tomorrow, but not the day after.

Given The Choice between a diligent statesman who stuck by his word and is in the process of elevating Malaysia to new heights and a demagogic Opposition leader, who oozes negativity and tries to dupe the rakyat with sweet but dubious promises, the verdict by Malaysians at GE13 should be obvious.

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