Beyoncé and Princess Duet; Chelsea for Mourinho

Beyoncé and Princess Duet; Chelsea for Mourinho

Beyoncé Unwittingly Picks Princess for Duet

As any music fan knows, it’s common from time to time for an artist to reach down into the audience during a performance and pick someone of the crowd to sing a few lines. Beyoncé Knowles is no exception it would seem.

Except this time she was apparently a little caught up in the moment and failed to notice that the ‘fan’ was none other than British royal Princess Eugenie, the sixth in line to the throne.

In front of 80,000 people at London’s O2 arena, the 23-year-old Princess found herself being asked to sing along with the Queen of Pop – only to get very severe stage fright.

Clearly mortified, as evidence by the countless videos doing the rounds online, she mimed the song into the microphone with no words coming out before ducking to the ground and hiding.

Beyoncé was forced to quickly fill in the missing words and find a new, willing victim.

Mourinho Edging Closer to Chelsea Return?

When Real Madrid crashed out of the Champions League this week, some might have thought that Jose Mourinho’s standing as a football manager might have been lowered somewhat. But apparently it has not hindered his chances of returning to Chelsea where owner Roman Abramovich has made him his first choice.

But the ‘Special One’ still feels he is in the driving seat of the deal, demanding “love” from whichever team snaps him up. When asked whether he would stay on with Real Madrid he seemed hesitant: “I want to be where I love to be and where people love me.”

Few fans have shown him as much “love” as they have at Chelsea and Abramovich seems ready to show the love too, with insiders saying he is ready to return to the big-spending days of Chelsea’s past with a RM 500-million war chest for new signings.

Before leaving Chelsea, Mourinho won two Premier League titles, two League Cup victories and an FA Cup. He is said to be asking for a salary in excess of RM50 million per year and an apology from the Russian tycoon before he returns.