Celebs Get Hacked; Football Expensive? Dream On..

Celebs Get Hacked; Football Expensive? Dream On..

Hackers Publish Financial Details of Celebrities

Hackers in the United States have posted the private financial information of a number of prominent figures, including Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Mel Gibson.

Imaginatively called ‘The Secret Files’, the site provides free access to all the gory details about… Jay-Z’s unpaid phone bill.

Yes, unfortunately all the information is rather dull. However, it has raised questions over just how information such as Social Security numbers for everyone, from First Lady Michelle Obama, US Vice-President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Jay-Z was leaked online.

What’s the link? Who do they all know in common? Who indeed, Mr. Obama…

Could This Be the Wealthiest League in Football?

As this week’s joint ventures in Malaysia worth RM39 billion proved, there is a lot of money in the Middle East and diversification is very much on the minds of their wealthiest.

Stay tuned for developments then from Qatar’s royal family, who appear to be planning to launch a club football tournament to rival the Champions League.

Called the ‘Dream Football League’, the idea is to attract some of the biggest names in football from around the world. Played every two summers, it is set to launch in 2015 and offer prize money of billions of ringgit.

That’s not even including the additional fees clubs can make from extra sponsorship or broadcast rights.

With 24 teams expected to acquire a place, the games will take place across a number of Gulf countries. An announcement is due next month with full details.