Justin Bieber in Trouble Again; Secret Marriage for Angelina and Brad?

Justin Bieber in Trouble Again; Secret Marriage for Angelina and Brad?

Justin Bieber Meltdown Continues

Spats with neighbours over speeding through his exclusive gated community, and spitting at strangers – the charges against pop prodigy Justin Bieber keep racking up, it seems.

The latest on the list is a hissy fit over the cost of his tattoos. After arranging a much-sought after London tattooist to come to his hotel room recently, Bieber first told him to wait in the lobby until 6am the next morning.

When he eventually began the four-hour artwork and presented his bill at the end of it, Bieber is alleged to have refused to pay the full amount and had his security team show the tattooist the door, paying just half of what he owed.

Meanwhile, Justin’s mum Pattie Mallette admits she can’t control her wayward son any more. It comes after police were called to his home in LA after a row with a neighbour on Tuesday.

“Our relationship has shifted from Mum telling him what to do and being able to control certain aspects, to just being a voice and hopefully a friend in that voice,” she said.

“He’s growing up. He’s 19. He’s not my baby. We text, we talk. It’s difficult. It’s sporadic like any teenager.”

Yep, just like any teenager.

Did Angelina and Brad Secretly Get Married?

That’s certainly the rumour flying around the gossip rags at the moment. After many months of being notoriously tight-lipped about their engagement, Angela Jolie was spotted arriving back in America this week after a trip abroad.

What makes that seemingly mundane travel arrangement more interesting is that in place of her rather eye-catching diamond engagement ring, she appears to have swapped it for a simple gold wedding band.

Her friends have suggested it was simply a case of wearing more subtle jewellery, given that she was travelling to Rwanda for her work as an ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Perhaps they’re right – a small gold band does seem rather more appropriate there than a bespoke ring that probably cost more than the nominal GDP of Kigali.