Lampard and his Magic Football; Michelle Yeoh Lets Slip

Lampard and his Magic Football; Michelle Yeoh Lets Slip

Frank Lampard Nets a New Deal

When The Choice reported recently on rumours Frank Lampard was in the early stages of negotiating for a children’s book deal, we had assumed that was where it would end – as mere rumours.

Apparently not.

The 34-year old midfielder, whose contract with London football club Chelsea expires in June, has just signed a deal with publisher Little Brown Books For Young Readers.

The first book in the series of Frankie’s Magic Football (rather imaginatively about a schoolboy called Frankie, his football-loving friends – writing about what you know, Frank?) will be called Frankie Versus The Pirate Pillagers and released in June.

Two more titles, Frankie Versus The Rowdy Romans and Frankie Versus The Mummy’s Menace, are scheduled for 2013, and two more are slated for early 2014.

Police this week were apparently investigating a coin thrown at the midfielder during Chelsea’s victory at West Ham where Frank scored his 200th goal.

Perhaps it was just an advance on the deal?

Michelle Yeoh Spills All at 7th Asian Film Awards

Malaysia’s Michelle Yeoh has spoken of how happy she was to be honoured with the “Excellence in Asian Cinema Award”, though she joked that she hoped it wasn’t a signal for her to retire.

Although she was joking, it emerged on Monday that Michelle has plans to settle down and remarry. She has been with French motor sport executive Jean Todt since 2004, and said at the Hong Kong award ceremony that she was planning to take things to the next level.

“We are choosing the date. Actually he has proposed to me many times. As a woman, I’m really happy to meet a man who loves me so much. But I’ve been busy with my work. I’ll have my wedding ceremony in Malaysia,” she said.

Take that, Will and Kate.