Michelle Yeoh Wins Aiffa; Celebs Sporting New Google Glass

Michelle Yeoh Wins Aiffa; Celebs Sporting New Google Glass

Michelle Yeoh Wins Top Honour

Malaysian born Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh, received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Asean International Film Festive and Awards (Aiffa) held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK).

Accepting the award, Michelle Yeoh, who wore a flowing lavender gown said, “This is an incredible honour and privilege, and I am truly touched. Thanks so much for this!”

Yeoh thanked the team of people who work closely with her and helped her obtain success including a couple very close to her heart.

“I first would like to dedicate this to my parents as without them I would not be here too,” she said.

The actress, who has worked all over the world making films, admitted that this visit to Sarawak was her first ever

“This is the first time I am in Kuching and I promise you it won’t be the last. “she said smiling.

Her latest film, directed by Korean–American filmmaker, Gina Kim, is now in post-production.

Nerd Glass

Even though most of us think celebrities never have to pay to get the latest gizmos– it doesn’t always work that way. Google had to actually run a competition to choose which celebs would have the honour of testing their new Google Glass.

In case you don’t know, Google Glass, are eyeglasses that are rigged so you can also see your computer or phone’s desktop reflected in the glass. Many critics have called the Google Glass mandatory “nerd wear” and “taste challenged” so Google has its work cut out trying to reverse that perception.

Some of the celebrities they have been chosen to test them out are former U.S. Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich – who supposedly will attract politicians who would like to read their teleprompter in their Google Glass. Newt’s connections might prove useful as many States are passing legislation to make it illegal for drivers to use them when behind the wheel.

So far the list of celebs sporting the glasses are: Sarah Jessica Parker, singers Soulja Boy, actress Brandy and TV personalities Neil Patrick Harris and Alyssa Milano among others.

Many of the celebs say they feel like they won the lottery and they did in fact did win the Google Glass lottery. The size of each of the celebrities Twitter factor was tabulated and factored into whether or not they were chosen for the test run. Then, they had to tweet why they wanted them.

Gingrich, who ran for U.S. President wrote: “#ifihadglass i would take it on tours of zoos and museums to share the animals and fossils — @projectglass http://t.co/N788oo0ALB.”

Many readers may think Gingrich only needs to look in the mirror to see a fossil.”