Products For Breastfeeding Your Baby

Products For Breastfeeding Your Baby

Bringing a baby into the world can be both a blessing and a curse. Well, the blessing aspect weighs out the curse. In the beginning stages of raising a child anyways. Either way, it can be a very hard process that every mother has to experience. You enjoy the adorable aspects of them, while having to sacrifice certain parts of yourself to ensure their successful growth.

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Newborns are not as complicated as you think. They just tend to repeat the same process of eating, passing motion and sleeping. Overtime, these parts of the process can take a toll on you. Newborns need to consume – a lot. They need to drink your breast milk for the first few months of their lives. Don’t worry, soon enough they will switch to solid foods. However, during this period of breastfeeding, it would be best to ensure that you have the right products to facilitate their process. 

Here are a few items you can purchase to help both you and your baby during the breastfeeding process.

Nursing pillow

When you are breastfeeding your baby, you need to be able to position them comfortably. They need to be able to reach your breast, while being in a suitable position. Newborns are quite delicate, so you need to be extremely gentle with them. If you position them wrongly for continuous breastfeeding sessions, they might be affected by it in the future. So, to avoid all that, nursing pillows are here to the rescue. They provide your baby with ample support to their back and head while you breastfeed. Plus, these pillows are soft and comfortable, they might just go straight to sleep right after. These pillows are perfect for you as well. They help you position your baby safely, and you don’t have to strain yourself when feeding your baby. Buy baby nursing pillow in Malaysia at Mamacliqs online store. 

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Nipple cream

Next you have nipple creams. These nipple creams are for your nipples, especially when they feel dry and itchy. After breastfeeding your baby, it might become sensitive due to all the friction caused from the baby during the feeding. So, to avoid your nipples becoming cracked from dehydration, moisturising the area with nipple cream would be the best action to take. Plus, it is always a bonus to keep your body moisturised, whether you need it or not.

Breast pump

Breast pumps are an essential purchase for mothers who are not always present with their babies. At one point, you will not always be with your child, especially if you are working. Breast pumps allow you to release the collected breastmilk and keep it for your baby later. You can ensure that your baby is fed with your breast milk without having them by your side 24/7. Plus, there are times when your baby is asleep and too tired to feed. During those times, you should pump your breastmilk and keep it in the fridge for later use. When they need it, you can reheat the bottle and feed them.