Time Fibre Now With the Most Essential Solutions

Time Fibre Now With the Most Essential Solutions

Unfortunately, even this increase will not bring our nation closer to European levels. The plans concerning the country foresee a total diffusion of broadband at 30megabit and a lucky 50% of the population who will be able to benefit from a connection at 100 Megabit. The only technology capable of providing these results is the optical fiber, which should undergo a strong diffusion to reach more and more cities and companies. The use of Time Fibre comes useful in this case. (browse this to apply Time internet Malaysia)

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The Right Kind of Fiber

Time Internet has always promoted the technology linked to optical fiber, so much so that the diffusion of optical fiber at national level is in the company’s mission, so as to satisfy an increasing number of customers. Time Internet currently offers its customers fast 100 Megabit navigation across its entire network.

  • Time Internet allows your company a fast navigation with performances equal to those in Europe. For more information on the possibilities of optical fiber, on the costs related to corporate broadband, browse the site or fill out the form to be contacted by one of our consultants.

What will be the advanced services related to the use of Wi-Fi for business?

Over the last few years, Wi-Fi has seen the number of its users increase dramatically: this is because technological solutions are increasingly effective, flexible and secure. They are therefore used not only in the private sphere but also in the business and work environment. WI-FI can be defined as a growing global market, since this technology fits perfectly with the increasingly widespread use of mobile phones and the practice of working on the move. 

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What new advanced solutions will be linked to the use of business Wi-Fi?

Connection to Wi-Fi networks will be increasingly simple and intuitive, as time passes fewer passwords or identification credentials will be needed and this will facilitate users who work remotely or who use smartphones, tablets and personal devices for work purposes. Furthermore, Wi-Fi networks can be used in a more interactive way by companies: they will become a new communication channel with customers, thanks to the sending of coupons, coupons, etc.


The WI-FI technology has in many news for all companies: to rely on advanced technology may be the key to improving productivity. Time Internet has always been at the forefront and constantly looking for advanced solutions to satisfy its customers, surf the site to get information on services related to WI-FI technology.