Why Should You Pursue A Career In Family Medicine?

Why Should You Pursue A Career In Family Medicine?

Are juggling between career choices? Unsure of what you should pursue? Well, keep reading because this article might give you a chance to pursue a career in family medicine.

Being a doctor can be both extremely rewarding yet exhausting at the same time.  It takes enormous effort that can cost blood, sweat and tears. Those are not even including the late nights, endless working hours and multiple shifts. So, if you have chosen to go down this path, you must be certain of your decisions and to ensure that you do not regret them down the line.

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Family Medicine Vs Other Physician Specialities

There are many types of physician specialities that exist. But, the five most common types include family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrician, gynecologist, and surgeon. All of these specialities are just the usual choices that students take. 

What makes family medicine stand out from the others? Other specialities usually focus on a certain type of demographic. For instance, pediatricians provide healthcare for children. On the other hand, dermatology focuses on the issues related to skin. While, surgeons tend to take in cases that require surgery. 

Family medicine covers almost everything. These physicians are prepared to help out people of all ages, and deal with all types of ailment. However, it should be noted that they carry out preliminary tasks that diagnose the problem at hand. They are the first in line, and after the proper tests they refer their patients to other specialists that are better suited. 

So, if you are interested in family medicine, but are still hesitant if it is the right move for you, don’t stop reading.

Family medicine gives you an opportunity to learn more

As mentioned before, family medicine courses cover almost everything. If you like to learn more, and be informed of more of the ailments, this is the right choice for you. You can learn about emergency medicine, pediatric care and other general medicine courses. You are prepared for anything that might be a risk for your patients. 

Family medicine helps you bond with people

One of the major parts of family medicine includes being able to bond with people. Since you are the first line of defense, people will come to you for your advice and opinion. Forging long lasting relationships with your patient is essential to your career, as it influences your decisions as well.  When they come to you for advice, they expect you to understand where they are coming from. These relationships allow you to cater to every patient’s different needs. On the other hand, patients are also confident in receiving your opinions as they trust you as a person and a doctor. 

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Family medicine allows you to help more people

Since family members cover people of all ages and ailments, you would be able to reach out to more people. You can establish clinics in rural areas, so you can help them out with their ailments. You can travel to countries that need medical aid, such as countries that suffer from natural disasters or war. 
If these reasons have convinced you to take up family medicine, check out a diploma in family medicine in Malaysia offered by RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC).