Now Anwar is “Mulling” Over Whether to Betray His Electors

Now Anwar is “Mulling” Over Whether to Betray His Electors

So Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is “mulling” over whether to boycott the opening of Parliament in late June. Were he to do so, we would be forced to witness the absurd spectacle of a man who styles himself as the legitimate Prime Minister, cruelly robbed of the top job at GE13, not even having a voice in our democratic process.

Thus it would be Anwar’s negative tactics, not his so-called “stolen” election, which would deny the people of his Permatang Pauh constituency their voice in politics.

But that’s where we have got to in Anwar’s long and ludicrous campaign to make political capital out of GE13. His ranting against the election now has little or no support on his side of politics but still he forges on with initiatives such as this.

The proposal for the parliamentary boycott has not come from the NGOs that formed the official monitoring team for GE13 or from the ASEAN election-monitoring group, but from a motley collection of NGOs led by Haris Ibrahim of the so-called People’s Parliament. (We have a people’s parliament Haris – it’s called the Dewan Rakyat).

Asked about the fact that by boycotting Parliament he will ironically end up denying the rakyat representation, Haris said: “For me, the question of losing out for not being represented in Parliament does not arise. Fifty-one percent of voters have already been hoodwinked in the process of determining who runs Putrajaya (due to) the current system.”

In other words Haris is basing his entire flawed argument on the popular vote nonsense that Anwar has been parroting to an increasingly bored national audience.

The problem for both Anwar and Haris is that this plan is doomed to fail. Between them they cannot name a single MP who is ready to sit out the coming parliamentary session and not one member of the senior Pakatan leadership is publicly backing this call.

“We have no plans at the moment,” said DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang when asked Friday would heed the call.

Unsurprisingly Anwar’s political opponents have seized on his plan to betray his electors who have trusted him to voice their concerns.

“This indicates that as an elected representative, Anwar has failed to serve the mandate bestowed to him by his constituents,” said MCA Youth national chairman Datuk Wee Ka Siong.

At the opening session of Parliament, 222 members are due to be sworn in. They will do so because they were elected and they believe in our system of government. Don’t be surprised if even Anwar takes his seat that day because he, as much as anyone else, knows how silly this boycott idea is.