A Daughter for Kate? Alex Ferguson is ‘Distraught’

A Daughter for Kate? Alex Ferguson is ‘Distraught’

A Daughter for Will and Kate?

The Duchess of Cambridge dropped a rather large hint this week that the baby she is expecting in July will be a daughter.

Kate, during a visit to the UK town of Grimsby, was offered a giant teddy bear by a member of the public. She responded by saying:

“Thank you, I will take that for my d… for my baby.”

Naturally she was picked up about her slip later in the day, but insisted she didn’t yet know the sex of the baby who will become third in line to the throne after husband Prince William.

In January, MPs debated changing the law of succession to allow the baby to become Queen if it is a girl — even if Will and Kate go on to have a son.

Of course, all the fuss might be for nothing. Perhaps she was planning to give the teddy her to cocker spaniel Lupo – stopping herself short of saying “my dog”.

Mourinho: “The Best Team Lost”

Even Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho was stunned to win against Manchester United it seems, after his side came from 1-0 down to win 2-1 in a Champions League knock-out marred by controversy.

The Special One admitted in a post-match press conference that “we didn’t deserve to win but football is like this.”

Try telling that to Man Utd manager Sir Alex Ferguson who was so infuriated at the result that that he refused to appear to the press later, sending his assistant instead.

Things went downhill for Manchester after Nani was sent off in a controversial red card decision that sparked much debate online.

Assistant manager Mike Phelan said that Ferguson was “distraught” and “not in a fit state” to talk to the referee after the match.

The loss means that Manchester can say goodbye to any hopes of winning the Treble in Europe, though they still lead the English Premier League and remain in the FA Cup.