Bieber Taken to Hospital; Future of Arsenal Still Up in the Air

Bieber Taken to Hospital; Future of Arsenal Still Up in the Air

Bieber Taken to Hospital After London Show

The drama around Justin Bieber continued on Thursday night when the 19-year old star was rushed to hospital in the middle of a live show with breathing difficulties.

While performing at London’s O2 arena in the last of three shows, Bieber suddenly stopped, grasping his head and doubled over in pain. He was helped off stage where doctors checked him over before advising him to go straight to hospital.

In the meantime, his manager Scooter Braun stepped up to the microphone to explain the situation to the worried crowd.

“Justin got very light of breath, the whole show he’s been complaining. He’s backstage with the EMTs (emergency medical team) and the doctor,” he said.

“They’re telling him they want him to go and see somebody and find out what’s going on with his lungs, he’s just told me that in five minutes, if it’s OK with you guys, he’s going to come out and finish the show.”

Perhaps Bieber received another Skype call from record bosses telling him to get back out there and carry on?

Eventually he was taken to hospital and later tweeted that he was “getting better”.

Future of Arsenal Still Up in the Air

Despite mounting rumours, Arsenal Football Club has taken steps again to deny that it is in the midst of a RM7 billion takeover bid by a Middle Eastern consortium.

Chairman Peter Hill-Wood has denied any knowledge of such a move, claiming that current owners Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov are there for the long term, despite the club’s current poor form.

“I have heard nothing and I don’t think anybody knows anything about it at the club. It all seems a bit of a waste of time,” Hill-Wood said.

“If there is this consortium, they can’t make any progress unless they attempt to get in touch. But even if they did make an approach, my understanding is our two major shareholders do not want to sell.”

Arsenal shares are currently trading at around RM80,000 per share. The rumoured bid would be for RM94,000 each – dwarfing the previous biggest sale in the English Premier League when Manchester United was bought by the Glazer family.- See more at: