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EU Commits Funds Toward Malaysian Higher Education Goals

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MyEULink-2012Transforming Malaysia into a hub for higher education has been a main goal towards achieving developed nation status as envisioned in Vision 20/20.

Now, through a lucrative partnership with the EU, that goal for Vision 20/20 is in sight.

The EU has committed a whopping €19 billion or RM17.51 billion for higher education in 2014-2020 and, as part of the new partnership, Malaysia will be getting a nice piece of that pie.

The partnership was announced at a special educational, two-day gathering in Kuala Lumpur called MyEuLink 2012, by His Excellency Vincent Piket, Ambassador & Head of Delegation of the European Union to Malaysia.

Part of the EU's long-range plan is to create more opportunities for its members to gain additional skills by attending universities abroad.

The monies will be targeted to building more colleges and attracting branches of international schools to Malaysia in order to ready the nation for the challenges of workforce 2020.

The EU and Malaysia estimate that by 2020 that thirty-five percent of new jobs will require high-skills.

Piket explained why the EU chose Malaysia as a partner in this educational effort, "With the Europe 2020 strategy in place, the EU highlights higher education as a key policy area where transnational collaboration can help deliver positive results for jobs, economic development and social inclusiveness."

Additionally, he citied the synergy between the two partners by saying, "The country's long-term higher education ambitions are indicators of the potential of our future success together."

The two-day MyEuLinke 2012 was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Deputy Minister Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chung Hou asserted, "For Malaysia, it will be vitally important that an increased transnationalism does not only result in regional competitiveness but also increases the attractiveness of South-East Asian higher education for the world."

MyEuLink addresses key issues of transnational education and the implications for Malaysia moving forward. Delegates from European regions such as New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, and the UK attended the two-day event.

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