Former PKR Official: Video Leaks Masterminded By Wan Azizah’s Camp

Former PKR Official: Video Leaks Masterminded By Wan Azizah’s Camp

A former PKR official has claimed that the sex video of a party leader that came to light recently was part of an internal plot within PKR to damage the reputation of Deputy President Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Mohd Fareez Kamal Intidzam, a former political secretary to several high-ranking PKR leaders, said that the purpose of the video, which he alleges was released by Dr Wan Azizah’s camp, was to be a catalyst for reopening the Azmin sex video case and preventing him from standing in GE13.

“The leader in the video is just a scapegoat. The disciplinary action taken against him and his dismissal will be used as a “case reference” for the investigation of Azmin’s sex video leaked in May last year,” Fareez claimed.

“The president’s (Wan Azizah’s) camp realises that Azmin has gained a strong footing among party followers. So they have conspired to topple him and tarnish his reputation,” he added.

If there is any veracity to his claims, it would be damning indeed for Pakatan Rakyat, and in particular PKR, where a vicious power struggle has created fissures in the party.

Fareez said that the whole conspiracy was immature, and claimed it showed Wan Azizah was nothing more than “a political desperado”.

“This should not be happening, especially during this time when party members have to unite and work together for the coming general election.”

Yet such videos have become a useful political tool for Pakatan, with members eager to jump in with allegations of a grand Umno conspiracy.

Last week, MIC secretary-general S Murugesan urged Pakatan leaders to stop accusing Barisan Nasional of masterminding the videos. He said that both sides of the political divide were open to such gutter attacks, but it was exasperating being wrongly accused all the time.

“When something bad is exposed against BN, we get the bad name. When the other side is accused of something wrong, we get blamed as well,” said Murugesan.

He was referring to PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution’s recent allegation that Umno was conspiring to publish videos and pictures, and implicate several senior party leaders in various inappropriate situations.

This claim was dismissed by Murugesan.

“Don’t divert people’s attention by playing the blame game. It’s more important to address the issues head-on,” the MIC secretary-general added.