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British PM Writes In Sunday Telegraph About “Powerhouse” Malaysia

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The Sunday TelegraphOn his return to London British Prime Minister David Cameron has praised Malaysia and Indonesia as the new "powerhouses of the world economy" and has described Malaysia as proof that it is "possible for democracy, Islam and successful economies to flourish alongside each other".

Cameron wrote a lengthy article for the UK's Sunday Telegraph in which he went to great lengths to remind readers just how successful we have been.

"Indonesia and Malaysia have growth rates 10 times those of Europe," he explained.

"But our exports to them account for barely a 1 per cent share of their import markets. These are some of the powerhouses of the modern global economy. And they are great friends of Britain, eager to do business with us."

The fact that Cameron felt the need to explain this to the educated readers of the Sunday Telegraph shows just how inward looking his nation has become and how little attention Britain has paid to south-east Asia.

He reminded his readers that before last week "there hadn't been a visit to Malaysia for nearly two decades.

"The Malaysian prime minister had even described Britain's behaviour towards his country as an era of benign neglect," he wrote.

David Cameron was clearly inspired by his Global Movement of the Moderates Event with our Prime Minister and said that the way to defeat Islamic extremism worldwide is already being practiced here.

"We will defeat them (extremists) when we show that the real path to dignity is young Muslims across the world having what we all want – a job and a voice and the chance to live in a free country where we get to choose our government in a system with fair laws and fair play.

"That is exactly what is happening in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia...these are Muslim-majority countries which are showing it's possible for democracy, Islam and successful economies to flourish alongside each other."

The fact that so much of Cameron's 1300 word article speaks glowingly of our democracy and economic prospects and our prime minister shows that this trip has indeed had an impact on Mr. Cameron.

The trip seems to also have had a positive impact on Prime Minister Najib Razak who has also written about it on his 1Malaysia blog.

Also referring to the GMM event, Najib picked up on Cameron's reference to "muscular liberalism."

"I agree with him that being moderate is not the same as being a wimp!" Najib wrote.

"It is for all of us as moderates, Muslims, Christians, Jews and atheists alike, to demonstrate this muscularity and use our unity and strength to defeat intolerance and stay true to the path of moderation."

In the wake of this highly successful visit by Cameron, Britain and Malaysia have pledged to double bilateral trade by 2016.

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