Bieber’s Mid-Life Crisis; Wayne Rooney Gets the Boot

Bieber’s Mid-Life Crisis; Wayne Rooney Gets the Boot

Justin Bieber Given Ultimatum by Managers

Singer Justin Bieber was given a severe dressing down this week after a PR disaster in London on Monday.

After keeping fans waiting for two hours, without an apology or explanation when he eventually appeared, he was apparently “less than enthusiastic” about a fan meet ‘n’ greet earlier, darting off after just a few minutes.

It is the latest in a long line of misadventures from the 19-year old Canadian.

The singer was ordered by label bosses at Universal to appear at a Skype call where he was told in no uncertain terms to get his act together or face the consequences.

But apparently the 20-minute Skype call wasn’t enough to stop his odd behaviour…

This week he was spotted in a procession of black Bentleys bearing Canadian flags and surrounded by motorcycles. According to witnesses, Bieber ordered them to stop in the middle of a busy London road, getting in and out of each of the cars in turn while traffic was brought to a standstill.

Wayne Rooney Set to Leave Man Utd

After being left on the bench in the starting line-up against Real Madrid this week, perhaps the writing was on the wall for Wayne Rooney.

The 27-year old striker, with just over two years left on his contract, has been told that his club will accept a reduced fee for an early transfer at the end of the season.

The club will apparently entertain offers as low (!) as RM117 million – less than half the figure they would have expected for the star just one year ago.

Alex Ferguson is said to feel that he has seen the best he is likely to get out of the promising young player he signed from Everton for RM130 million nine years ago.

But perhaps a change will do him good. Rooney’s form has fluctuated in recent years after a series of injuries. He himself tried to quit early two years ago, claiming the club lacked ambition.

Although he ended up staying, his relationship with Ferguson suffered and so has his performance.

In 271 games for the club, Rooney scored 140 goals, but is now sidelined as the striker of choice in favour of Robin van Persie.